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Update From UPS Regarding Shipments of Any Galaxy Note Cell Phones


There has been much publicity recently about the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. UPS is currently monitoring the situation and follows guidelines imposed by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) that currently prohibit air shipments for any lithium battery products recalled for safety reasons.


Here are key points to assist with shipping returns of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7:


• It is important to understand that the recalled Samsung smartphones cannot travel by air, as international and domestic regulations prohibit air shipment of lithium batteries recalled for safety reasons.


• The U.S. DOT approved specialized packaging that will allow the recalled phones to be transported by ground without being fully regulated as dangerous goods. The packaging is very secure, with a ceramic liner; it displays the DOT authorization “DOT-SP 16011.”


• A third-party vendor, Stericycle, has a contract with Samsung to provide packaging to businesses and individuals who need to return the recalled units – primarily the cellphone companies and their customers. These packaging kits will be issued with RS labels for UPS Ground service.


• Some of the recalled units were sold through retail stores, such as Best Buy. These retailers have responsibility for distributing appropriate packaging, issuing return instructions to their consumers, and collecting the units for return to Samsung.


• A portion of the cellphone companies’ customers will receive the specialized packaging and instructions at their own addresses. These packages should be accepted into the UPS system if they display the notation “DOT-SP 16011.”


• Commercial establishments have received permission to ship via Ground Service their unopened packages of unused, uncharged phones. Such packages will be identified by the notation “DOTSP 20325.”


• Consumers in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are not able to use UPS services to ship recalled cellphones. Samsung and its representatives will provide other instructions to their customers in those locations.


• No special action is required. Packages with the notation “DOT-SP 16011” or DOT-SP 20325”

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